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Make the Most of National Moving Day (Part 1)

Up N Go Moving National Moving Day

National Moving Day denotes the time of year when most people start the moving process, and it’s a good opportunity to get your moving process started.

National Moving Day takes place every year on the Tuesday after Memorial Day. This year, 2023, National Moving Day will be on Tuesday, May 30th. This day is also called “Crazy Tuesday” because of the sudden and significant uptick in people moving.

Why Now?

So, first of all, why is National Moving Day the day after Memorial Day every year? Why do more people tend to move during this time of the year? Well, the fact is, most families with children that are still in school are the most likely to begin their moving process during this time of the year. There are a few reasons for this.

Memorial Day is the perfect time to take a break and have a barbecue. Lots of families will take this opportunity to go camping and spend some time together as the kids enjoy a long weekend. Traditionally, this was the time of the year when the kids would be getting off of school, and families would take the opportunity to move right after the holiday weekend. These days, most schools don’t let out until around mid-June, so families will probably hold off a little longer on their moving plans.

The importance of waiting to move until this time has to do with the kids as well as the weather. First, it’s just beginning to warm up, and spring always feels like the perfect time to make significant changes and adjustments in our lives after the long and cold winter months have kept us stagnant for some time.

For families with children that are in school, it’s a big ask to begin a move during the school year—even a local one where they won’t be switching schools. Packing up your life and settling into a new home takes time, and kids have a lot on their plate, even in elementary school. Between homework, after-school activities, and wanting to spend time socializing with their friends, kids are often booked up. Rattling the foundation of their life with a move has the potential to cause some serious ripple effects that negatively impact their mental stability and school performance, among other things.

In addition, moving shortly after school lets out gives kids a chance to come to terms with saying goodbye to their friends if your family is moving to a new area and transferring to another school. It also gives them time to settle into their new home as well as their new neighborhood and potentially make some new friends before the following school year begins in the fall.

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