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Crain Moving Service

Do you need to get your piano from the first floor to the third? You may have a glass mirror that can’t fit around a tight corner in a stairwell. The weight and size of certain items make it possible to get them up and down the stairs or into an elevator. Thus, a crane is the best option for moving bulky, awkwardly shaped, or heavy items. Learn more about our crane moving services today! 

Up N Go Moving’s Crane Moving Services

We have you covered if you’re a New York resident stressing about how to move your items. Up N Go Moving’s professional movers are skilled and experienced at making the most complex maneuvers. Our team has the right equipment and required permits to transport your treasured belongings safely. Before moving the item, we will prepare it with padding and secure strapping or rigging to prevent damage to the furniture, apartment, house, or business. 

Take the Weight Off and Stress Less

A construction site comes to mind when people think of a crane. However, lifting cranes are also helpful in residential settings. When moving heavy equipment, using a crane is often the most logical solution. A crane is a perfect solution for hoisting items over balconies or out windows if they are too wide or large to get them out of the building the traditional way. 

A building’s height, floorplan, and the lot it sits on all impact how easy or challenging it is to get furniture out of it. Imagine trying to get a piano out of the second story of a home built with a steep driveway. This setup would make it hard to get a piano down the steps or a driveway without damage to the piano or anyone trying to move it. Also, imagine this maneuver in a narrow, high-rise apartment. The results would be disastrous. 

Not every situation requires a crane, but whenever it becomes difficult to move heavy furniture or appliances, a crane is always ideal for getting an item in or out of a building. 

Our Crane Moving Capabilities

We can help you transport your grand piano to or from the apartment or house.  However, there are other items where it makes sense to use crane moving services. For example, you might have purchased a California king bed and assembled it in your main bedroom, and now that you plan on moving, you might not know how to get your bedframe downstairs without damaging it. 

Our crane-moving capabilities include the following:

  • TVs
  • Couches
  • Beds 
  • Appliances 
  • Any items too heavy to lift and too bulky to pass through doorways, corridors, and staircases 

Benefits of Hiring Up N Go Moving for Crane Moving Services

Here is how you can benefit from crane moving services: 

  • Faster moving time: If you’re dealing with many bulky belongings, cranes provide a steady workflow, ensuring that there aren’t any delays. 
  • Avoid floor obstruction and damage: When an item is too heavy, people drag the object across the floor, causing damage to the floor and the item itself. 
  • Prevent injury: Attempting to lift or carry heavy items yourself can result in numerous injuries.
  • Flat-rate pricing: We are upfront about all our costs. You can look forward to no hidden charges on move-in day.
  • High credibility: Benefit from hiring a licensed, bonded, fully insured, full-service local and long-distance moving company. 

Get Moving with Up N Go Moving

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