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Last Minute / Immediate Moving

Do you need to handle a last-minute move? Up N Go Moving in NYC can help you make your moving experience as efficient and painless as possible. We offer our customers flexible moving services, so we are prepared to handle any unexpected relocations. No matter the reason behind your last-minute move, we are here to help and provide the excellent services you require with same-day or next-day moves. 

Support for Your Last Minute or Immediate Moves 

The key to a successful last-minute move is organization and documentation. Our experienced New York City movers will guarantee that your move runs as efficiently as possible. How do we help with last-minute and immediate moving requests? 

  • We can deliver your packing supplies before move-in day, so you can get packing as soon as possible.
  • Emergency packing services are available, where we pack for you. You won’t have to lift a finger while we arrange custom packing for fragile or oversized items that need special handling. 
  • We provide both short- and long-term storage services to make your sudden move easier to manage.

Avoid Problems with Experienced New York City Movers

Last-minute moving services can be hard to navigate in a busy city like New York City. Fortunately, Up N Go Moving is experienced in local moves and has tackled every challenge the city might throw at us. Last-minute moves keep us on our toes, but experience in New York City has prepared us for anything and everything. The details we are prepared to cover—so you don’t have to—include the following: 

  • Parking restrictions
  • Traffic changes
  • Tolls
  • Weather 
  • Challenging building entries
  • Elevator booking restrictions
  • Tight walk-ups
  • Bespoke Insurance Certificates
  • Co-Op Requirements 

Short and Long-Term Storage Solutions

If you haven’t quite landed on your next permanent residence, our storage solutions can give you a secure place to store your items until you are ready to decorate and design your new place. Your last-minute move can be even easier when the pressure is off, and you can place your favorite items in storage. 

All items are stored in our secure storage facility and will be stored there for as long or as little as you like. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term storage to suit your versatile needs. 

Complete Moving Services and Honest Pricing 

Up N Go Moving customers can depend on us to offer straightforward pricing and comprehensive moving services, even on a last-minute basis. Your moving fee is locked in before move-in day and includes the following: 

  • Valuable Items Packed for Free 
  • Furniture is Wrapped and Protected 
  • Walls, Floors, and Doors are Protected 
  • No Surprise Fees for Moving Expenses 

If you need to move without advanced notice, Up N Go Moving is here to help you get where you’re going.