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Movie and Film Moving

New York City is one of the hubs of TV and film production. If you are planning to shoot a film and need help transporting equipment, sets, clothing, and more to set, you can call on Up N Go Moving to move your items securely and swiftly. We can move the following and more for your movie production: 

  • Camera equipment and accessories
  • Lights and lighting accessories
  • Costume racks 
  • Movie sets and props
  • Movie set furniture and decor
  • Miscellaneous tables and chairs for crew members, craft services, and more

Complete Movie and Film Moving Services 

Many items must be moved to every movie set before filming can begin. The phrase “time is money” is never more true than when on a movie set. You can’t afford to waste time moving equipment, props, or costumes to set when you only have one or two days to use a specific location. When you trust a reliable moving company to move your items, you save precious time and can trust that every item will arrive on time and in excellent condition. Up N Go Moving can provide you with essential moving services, including: 

  • Full or partial packing services and custom crating
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Selling packing bundles with all supplies needed
  • Crane moving for heavier items

We have over 15 years of experience arranging moves for our customers in New York City. We are prepared to handle all challenges that may come with traffic, tolls, parking restrictions, weather, and building restrictions. 

Short and Long-Term Storage Options 

If you are filming across many locations and don’t need certain sets or costumes every day, you can use our storage service to make moving easier. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term storage options for your versatile needs. All items are stored in our secure storage facility that is clean and monitored by reliable security systems. You can make your movie and film moving tasks easier when you know you can safely store anything you don’t need. 

Detailed Movie and Film Moving Plans Create a Stress-Free Experience 

Your moving coordinator at Up N Go Moving understands how crucial it is to transport valuable items such as film equipment efficiently and securely. Your production company’s reputation may depend on the safety of these valuable items as they are transported. The success of your film shoot may rely on it as well, as delays resulting from moving can slow down production and raise expenses. We always offer our customers complete, organized support to customize their experience. We create a comprehensive moving plan that suits your needs. The plan includes the following: 

  • Drop-off times for morning and evenings
  • Multiple locations for drop-offs
  • Critical deadlines
  • Certificates of Insurance (COIs)
  • Loading dock engagement
  • Communication with any filming location management 

Movie and Film Moving Services Included with Your Flat Fee 

Up N Go Moving customers, both residential and commercial, depend on us for straightforward and honest pricing. This is why we lock in your moving flat fee before moving day. This fee includes the following essential services: 

  • Furniture is Wrapped and Protected: Couches, tables, chairs, and more are wrapped in moving blankets to prevent damage. 
  • Valuable Items Packed for Free: Electronics, art, lamps, and more are wrapped in special protective packaging. 
  • Walls, Floors, and Doors Are Protected: We protect these features at all locations, so no scratches, scrapes, or scuffs are left behind. 
  • No Surprise Fees: All expenses are factored into your flat fee so that no extra costs will surprise you on moving day. 

Are you ready for an organized, efficient filming experience? It all starts with trusting Up N Go Moving with your movie and film moving services.