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Restaurant Equipment Moving

Do you own a restaurant in NYC or New York State? Do you need a professional moving company to handle moving commercial equipment safely? If so, you can look to Up N Go Moving’s professional movers to manage all your restaurant equipment moving needs with high-quality service.

Restaurant Equipment Moving Services

We specialize in storing, planning, and delivering restaurant equipment. You can feel confident that Up N Go Moving will carefully and efficiently move your restaurant and kitchen equipment. 

Our professional restaurant movers can help with the following: 

  • Cross-referencing restaurant equipment inventory with purchase orders
  • Checking restaurant inventory with online warehouse management tools.
  • Planning and installing restaurant furniture and equipment to design specification 
  • Managing recycling as necessary to remove restaurant equipment that you no longer need 

Our Restaurant Equipment Moving Capabilities

There isn’t anything that Up N Go Moving can’t handle when it comes to transporting restaurant equipment and furniture. Whether you’re moving to a bigger space only a few blocks down the street or making a long-distance change of address, our team is here to help restaurant owners in New York. 

Our movers can efficiently and seamlessly manage all of your restaurant equipment, including: 

  • Electric countertop stoves
  • Dishwashing equipment 
  • Gas floor fryers
  • Cooking stations 
  • Commercial ovens, microwaves, sinks, refrigeration equipment, and ice and soda machines 
  • Food heating and beverage equipment 
  • Food preparation supplies
  • Dining chairs, tables, and furniture

Restaurant Moving: Moving Your Assets Safely 

Our team’s priorities are delivering excellent customer service and keeping your equipment safe. Up N Go Moving’s professional restaurant movers work with specialized care to protect your valuable equipment and furniture, from loading all the items to delivering them to the final stop. 

Transparent, Flat Fee Pricing

When moving or relocating, many restaurant owners worry about high prices and unexpected costs. However, these fears disappear when you hire Up N Go Moving for restaurant moving services. We offer complete transparency on all our prices. What is the cost of transferring your restaurant furniture and equipment to your new location? The prices vary because every restaurant owner has unique moving needs. 

The Benefits of Investing in Professional Restaurant Relocation and Moving Services

The reality is that moving or relocating a restaurant can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to coordinate, such as moving large equipment, and the overall logistics of a restaurant location might be hard to comprehend. However, with our experienced team at Up N Go Moving, the restaurant moving process will be less of a headache. Discover our restaurant equipment moving services and see the difference hiring commercial movers can make. 

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of investing in professional restaurant location and moving services: 

  • You’ll lose less money during the move because your restaurant won’t suffer from downtime. 
  • We’ll create a customized restaurant moving plan that fits your business needs. 
  • Our team prioritizes your reopen date, new space, budget, and timeline to create a restaurant relocation plan that gets you back to work sooner. 
  • Our team has the proper certificates, licenses, and credentials to handle all liabilities while utilizing the best moving techniques and equipment. You’ll breathe easier knowing you don’t have to lift a finger or coordinate how your restaurant equipment gets from one place to another. 

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