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Short Moving Service

For over 15 years, Up N Go Moving has been trusted by New Yorkers to move them quickly and safely. New Yorkers frequently relocate, whether to find a great new apartment deal, move in with new roommates, or start a family in a place with more space. Even when making a relatively short-distance move, you are still relocating your entire home and life. Our attention to detail stays excellent, even in short distances. 

Stress-Free NYC Moves From a Local Moving Company

Our mission at Up N Go Moving is always to make moving as easy as possible for our clients. Moving in NYC can quickly become complicated, with many factors worth considering. You will want some experts in your corner to make moving manageable. Our short moving service can help those moving to or from the following areas: 

  • New York
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Staten Island
  • Long Island City
  • New Jersey
  • Connecticut 

Careful Planning for Your Local New York City Move

When successfully planning a local move in New York, there are many details to cover. Fortunately, Up N Go Moving is experienced in local moves and has tackled every challenge the city might throw at us. The details we are prepared to cover—so you don’t have to—include the following: 

  • Parking restrictions
  • Traffic changes
  • Tolls
  • Weather 
  • Challenging building entries
  • Elevator booking restrictions
  • Tight walk-ups
  • Bespoke Insurance Certificates
  • Co-Op Requirements 

We Handle Your Certificate of Insurance (COI) Requirements 

If you are changing apartments in New York City, you will most likely need a Certification of Insurance (COI). Property and building management companies in the city require COIs as proof that your moving company is insured, so the building is not liable for any damages during a move. 

Some buildings will require your COI before they approve your moving day and elevator booking. Selecting a mover with experience and knowledge of the COI process ensures a smooth move. 

We have a straightforward COI process, covered in your flat fee, that ensures your Certificate will be correct, detailed, and approved before move-in day. Your final COI will insure you for any accidental building damage that occurs during your move, which means you are not responsible for costs if that happens. 

Comprehensive Moving Services Included In Your Flat Fee 

Up N Go Moving customers can depend on us to offer straightforward pricing and comprehensive moving services. Your moving fee is locked in before move-in day and includes the following: 

  • Valuable Items Packed for Free 
  • Furniture is Wrapped and Protected 
  • Walls, Floors, and Doors are Protected 
  • No Surprise Fees for Moving Expenses 

Advanced Packing Services Available From Up N Go Moving 

We provide our clients with everything they need to make moving successful and maybe even enjoyable! In addition to our standard moving services, we offer additional packing services for extra convenience and care when needed. 

  • Full Packing Services: We pack up your entire home or a few select rooms, so you can avoid the time-consuming task of packing up your belongings. 
  • White Glove Moving Service: We pack your items and unpack them at your new home. 
  • Plastic Bin Moving Rentals: Rent our reusable plastic bins to avoid piles of cardboard. These bins are crushproof, waterproof, and dustproof. 
  • Packing Supply Bundles: Order all the packing materials you need, tailored to the size of your apartment. 
  • Furniture and Fine Art Moving: Valuable antiques, furniture, and artwork are handled with extreme care. We build custom crates and wrap items in durable protective materials. 
  • Piano Moving: We have the training and skills to move all pianos safely. 

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