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White Glove Moving Service

Do you wish you could avoid the hassle and strain of moving entirely? When you hire Up N Go Moving’s White Glove Moving Service, you can let us handle the packing, moving, and unpacking of all your belongings. Moving has never been easier! 

Use the White Glove Moving Service For a Luxurious Packing Experience 

Packing up your belongings, organizing boxes by room, arranging for move-in day…these tasks can all be exhausting and overwhelming. When you hire our White Glove Moving Service for your big move in New York City or the surrounding areas, you don’t have to worry about any of it. Instead, you can focus on your family, pets, and personal needs during the sometimes challenging moving experience. What does our service include? 

  • Professional packing
  • A detailed inventory of your items
  • Live tracking of your items
  • Easy communication throughout the process 

Pack Up Every Room In Your House 

Our customers often prefer to use our White Glove Moving Service for rooms that contain many items. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and walk-in closets. Packing up every time in these rooms can be time-consuming and difficult when dealing with fragile items that need special attention and care. We can pack up the following: 

  • Living rooms, including TVs, sound systems, books, potted plants, decor, pillows, and curtains
  • Kitchens, including glassware, cutlery, plates, pots, and pans
  • Bedrooms, and all pillows, bed linen, children’s toys, and more
  • Walk-in wardrobes that include all clothing, shoes, jackets, and accessories 

The Best Times to Benefit From Our White Glove Moving Service

Up N Go Moving’s detailed inventory and labeling processes ensure that all of your items are accounted for and that the unpacking experience is smooth. When our customers choose to use our White Glove Moving Service, it’s often because of its unique benefits. When is the best time to use our service? 

  • If you are moving within a short time window and can benefit from professional efficiency and speed
  • You have health challenges or back injuries that prevent you from doing the work yourself.
  • Your relocation coincides with a significant life event, and you have limited packing time.
  • You can’t get quite enough time off of work. 
  • Your major business commitment can’t be postponed to accommodate your relocation. 
  • You have relocation fatigue. After several moves, you’re ready to let someone else do the work. 

Premium Packing Materials Keep Your Items Safe 

We only use the best materials to protect your valuables. Our wrapping paper, plastic bins, boxes, and blankets are all utilized to provide the best possible protection. 

We use boxes designed specifically for each household item and arrive at your home with all materials we need to expertly protect, package, buffer, label, and secure your items. They are then ready to be loaded onto one of our clean, safe trucks when your moving day arrives. 

Professional and Secure Packing Standards 

New Yorkers choose Up N Go Moving because they can trust us to provide professional services and maintain high standards. Our movers are professional, on-staff, and background checked to ensure our customers receive the best treatment. We train and support our team members with the resources they need to deliver a high-quality moving experience. 

Up N Go Moving’s White Glove Packing Process 

When using our White Glove Moving Service, you can decide if you want us to pack your items the day before your move or on the day of. Our packing process includes the following steps: 

  • List of Items and Rooms to Pack: We create an inventory of all items you want packed, room-by-room. 
  • Review of All Fragile Items: We consult with you on any custom packing needed for fragile or oversized items. 
  • Packing Your Items On Your Schedule: We arrive with all materials at the time you decide. We wrap, pad, and pack items while taping boxes closed, labeling them clearly, and marking items off your inventory. 
  • Unpacking Items In Your New Location: We arrive at your location and bring all packed items inside, placing them in the appropriate room. We then unpack rooms with the most items first and follow your instructions to put belongings in their new location. 
  • Take Stock of Your Inventory: Once we unpack all items, we walk through every room with you to review items against the original inventory. 

If you want the best packing experience possible, call Up N Go Moving today to schedule your White Glove Moving Service.