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Flat Fee Moving

How Are Flat Fees Calculated at Up N Go Moving?

One of the worst aspects of moving is never really knowing how much it will cost once your movers have gotten your boxes, furniture, and other items into your new home. Surprise fees you aren’t ready for can derail your move and strain your finances unnecessarily.

At Up N Go Moving, you can enjoy a flat fee move and forget the hassle of unexpected charges. You deserve to experience a seamless move with a trustworthy company while knowing exactly how much it will cost.

What Three Factors Determine Your Flat Fee?

At Up N Go Moving, we utilize three critical factors to determine the flat fee of your move. We calculate the flat fee for your move based on the volume, mileage, and any special considerations of your move.

With this formula, the total cost of your move will be determined to avoid any surprises down the road.

volume + mileage + special considerations = your flat fee from Up N Go Moving

Why Is It Better to Choose Flat Fee Moving Over Hourly or Weight-Based Moving?

The problem with hourly and weight-based moving services is that the cost can change rapidly between when you receive your estimate before your move and when the movers arrive at your destination. These services can sometimes be predatory, as they offer a low estimate upfront, but then find ways to surprise you with extra charges once the move is complete.

Disadvantages of Hourly Moving Services

  • They don’t take inventory, so they don’t really know how much time they’ll need.
  • They may purposely drag out the timeline or work slower in order to charge you more.
  • Any unexpected hiccups, such as traffic jams, can easily extend the timeline.
  • They may arrive without the proper equipment or a big enough crew since they don’t take inventory beforehand.

Disadvantages of Weight-Based Moving Services

  • These services are highly inaccurate at determining an initial estimate because it’s incredibly difficult to know what all of your household items will weigh once packed into the moving truck.
  • The severe inaccuracy of the initial estimate can’t be avoided. The true weigh-in happens once the truck is loaded, so you can’t back out once you’ve committed to the service, even if the weight is significantly higher than the estimate you were given.
  • It is almost impossible to stay on budget with weight-based moving services because of the discrepancy between the initial estimate and the actual weight of your items.

What Are Some Items and Services Included In Your Flat Fee?

For more than 15 years, Up N Go Moving has provided excellent moving experiences to residents of New York City and the surrounding areas. Part of this great experience is a result of our honest pricing. We include many essential services in your flat fee, including the following: 

  • Valuable Items Packed For Free: This includes televisions, computers, electronics, paintings, sculptures, lamps, mirrors, and wardrobe clothing. 
  • Protected and Wrapped Furniture: Mattresses, couches, chairs, tables, and armoires are wrapped in appropriate protective blankets. Items are disassembled and packed in crates when necessary for extra protection. 
  • Protection for Walls, Floors, and Doors: When moving you in and out of your locations, we protect your floors, walls, and doors from scratches, scuffs, and other unattractive damage. 

Avoid Extra Fees with Up N Go Flat Fee Moving Services

Once your flat fee from Up N Go Moving is set, you don’t need to worry about surprise fees like labor costs, tolls, travel expenses, and other costs other companies may add to your fees on the day of your move-in. Call us today to plan your next move!