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Move Checklist

Prep Work

The first step during every move is getting all of your preparations handled. This can include the following: 

  • Determining move-in/out dates and times for both locations
  • Submitting minimum notification time for your landlord
  • Acquiring any necessary parking permits
  • Certificate of Insurance (COI) requirements for New York City moves
  • Schedule maintenance on your vehicle if you’re moving long distance.
  • Organize your items into trash/donate/keep piles for every room.
  • Inform us about any specialty moving services you need, such as fitness equipment, fine arts, or piano moving.

Get as much done ahead of time as possible to make your moving days as seamless as possible. If more things have been completed beforehand, both days will go quickly, and everything will be much easier for you and your moving company.

Find Your Best Moving Company

When you need to find a moving company you can trust, you should ask the following questions: 

  • Are you insured and accredited by state and federal law? 
  • Are my items insured and protected? 
  • Do you offer storage services? 
  • Do you provide plastic bin rentals? 
  • Do you dispose of items that will not move to the next location? 
  • Do you offer flat fee pricing? 
  • Are your movers screened and trained? 

Up N Go Moving can provide you with the positive answers you desire. 

Review Your Moving Contract

Once you have your moving contract, always take the time to review it and understand it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything you aren’t sure about—we’re here to help! Thankfully, our flat fee moving can make this step quick and easy. Just make sure the flat fee and any other services being covered match what you agreed upon.

Once Moving Day Is Settled

You can help your moving day move faster by preparing these tasks ahead of time: 

  • Put in any necessary travel arrangements 
  • Notify children’s schools and request a transfer of their records
  • Apply for leave from work 
  • Arrange for pet transfer for long-distance moves
  • Schedule Moving Day care for pets or young children 

Pack Up

Once you’ve started your preparations and cleared the contract with your moving company, it’s time to start organizing and packing your home. You can decide what you’ll pack on your own and what you’ll leave for us to take care of. If you pack yourself, ensure you have everything you need, such as boxes, packing tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap for fragile items. You can also buy packing bundles from Up N Go Moving and rent reusable plastic bins.

Don’t forget to set aside anything you will want to have nearby on moving day. This includes small items like phone chargers, toiletries, medication, and outfits. It can also include temporary furniture like air mattresses and stools. Keeping important documents close to you is also a good idea, especially any paperwork related to your move. 

Moving Day at Your Old Location

Make sure you’re ready to roll when moving day comes! Send kids and pets away while the movers are there, if possible. If you are packed, everything should be boxed up, taped, and labeled. If your moving team is packing for you, have every room organized to some degree to make the process quicker for your moving team.

It’s always appreciated to provide some light snacks and cold water for your moving team to make their job a little easier. Make sure you’re available to handle any issues or questions, whether in-person or over the phone. Don’t forget to do a final walkthrough of the inventory and loading pan and then take final photos of the location. Do a final sweep of your floors and surfaces, remove all trash, secure your property, and leave your key behind as arranged. 

Moving Day at Your New Location 

Meet your movers at the front entrance. Check your utilities, like electricity and WiFi, and take photographs for your records before you move in. Clean the main surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom so you can start using them, and unpack your Moving Day suitcase with all essentials. Set up the bedrooms first, and help other family members settle in. At the end of the day, you can order delivery and enjoy some low-maintenance relaxation! 

After Your Move

Once settled in, you can donate, recycle or give away your moving boxes or return your plastic bin rentals. Schedule a pickup for unwanted items, and write a short review of your moving company if you had a great moving experience!