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The Pros & Cons of Professional Packing

Up N Go Moving Professional Packing

When choosing between self-packing and professional packing, consider the pros and cons along with your own needs.

Last week, we went over the pros and cons of self-packing. This week, we’re talking a little bit about the pros and cons of professional packing. When you’re moving, you’ll need to decide between these two options. While the choice made often comes down to available funds, there are more things to consider when you’re making your decision.

Professional Packing


It saves time. Easily one of the most important benefits of professional packing is how much time it will save you. Moving is a very busy time for everyone, and if you need to keep working and handling daily activities while all of this is going on, you might find that you simply don’t have enough time left over to handle all of the packing.

Movers are experienced. Packing isn’t all that hard, right? Shove your stuff into a box, and you’re done! Well, that’s not always the case. There are a lot of items that are easy to pack, such as clothes and stuffed animals. You can stuff these kinds of things into a box and call it a day. However, almost everyone has items that are fragile or items with liquid in them that could pose a risk to other belongings. Movers with the appropriate knowledge and expertise can handle all of your items, no matter how delicate or valuable, and they often offer specialty packing services that make it even safer for your most important items.

They offer specialty services. Not only can professional packing save you time and effort, but they can also offer specialty packing services to manage valuable items and anything that is extremely delicate. They can move home gyms, handle large furniture and instruments, and create custom crates for art pieces or vintage items. It’s all in the name of letting you rest easy, knowing your items will arrive safe and sound.

You can skip shopping for supplies. If you don’t already have tons of empty boxes and multiple rolls of packing tape lying around, you will need to go out and purchase these items. This can not only get expensive, but it’s also one more thing to add to your to-do list.

They’re liable for their work. When you choose self-packing, you remove liability for any broken items from your moving company. This means that if anything arrives damaged, they are not responsible for reimbursing you. However, if you choose professional packing, the company is liable for damages when those items are in their care. That way, if something does happen, you can receive compensation.


You’re relinquishing control. The process of moving is long and arduous, so sometimes delegation is necessary. That said, when it comes to your home and your belongings, there can be a lot you worry about when giving up control to professional movers for your packing needs. They will be focused on speed and efficiency more than keeping things neatly organized between boxes.

It costs money. Of course, if you choose professional packing services, you will have to pay a little more on top of your other moving expenses. Moving can drain your funds really quickly, so sometimes people need to go with self-packing in order to save a little extra money. Flat fee moving services are an excellent way to gauge whether professional packing is a viable option for you because the price you are quoted includes all of the services you need, and it will be the final price you pay—no surprises.

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