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The Pros & Cons of Self-Packing

Up N Go Moving Self-Packing

Self-packing is a great option when you’re moving for several reasons, but it’s not right for everyone and has a few downsides.

When you’re getting ready to move and you need to decide how to handle packing your home, you basically have two options: self-packing or professional packing. These two options are pretty self-explanatory. Self-packing means packing it yourself, possibly with enlisted help from family and friends. Professional packing is when you choose to have your moving company do the packing for you. Both of these options have their own pros and cons, and these are the ones for self-packing.


Self-packing can be the right move for the right people, but it isn’t always the best choice. Circumstances often determine whether this is a viable option or not.


It saves money. Ultimately, many people want to pack their own belongings because they don’t want to pay extra fees to have professionals pack their home. We get it—moving is expensive even before the movers arrive.

It maintains privacy. Privacy is really hard to come by these days, so it’s understandable if you don’t want other people rooting around your belongings. Choosing to pack up yourself can be the better option if you want to maintain some of your privacy, especially for more personal spaces such as a bedroom.

It can be more convenient in some ways. If you choose self-packing, you get the opportunity to sort through your belongings and maybe find ways to get rid of stuff, keep similar things together even if they aren’t kept in the same room, and choose what gets packed and what doesn’t at what times. Being able to pack things you won’t need between now and moving day while maintaining access to daily necessities can make moving a little bit smoother. Once the movers come, everything is going right into a box!


It takes a lot of effort. Even a small apartment that a single person lives in can be a lot of effort for just that one person to pack. We are capable of accumulating a lot of stuff, even in small spaces, so self-packing might not be viable for large families or those with large collections or lots of inventory. This will eat up a lot of time, be very stressful, and require maximum effort.

Items are at higher risk of becoming damaged. If you don’t have experience with packing or you’re dealing with vulnerable items, there’s a higher risk with self-packing that items may become damaged. If you choose to self-pack, the company that moves you has no liability for the condition of your items. If you choose self-packing, you’re accepting liability for the condition of your items. If anything breaks, the company will not reimburse you.

You will need supplies. Sourcing cardboard boxes and multiple rolls of packing tape can be a bit of a headache, especially if you’re trying to minimize costs. Many hardware stores will sell you what you need, but if you need a lot of boxes, the costs will rack up fast, and you might struggle to get enough supplies to pack up your whole house.

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