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Furniture Assembly

Are you a New York City or New York State resident preparing for a move, and who needs to transport furniture from your old place to your new one? Up N Go Moving’s professional movers can assemble furniture and make your life much easier.

Hire Up N Go Moving to Cater to Your Furniture Moving Needs

You might wonder, “What are furniture assembly and disassembly services?” Our professional and trained movers will assemble (put together) and disassemble (take apart) your furniture at your apartment, house, or commercial space. Our movers can either disassemble your bed frames, large dining room tables, dressers with mirrors attached, or other items at your old location, pack them for you, and move them. Or, if you’ve already disassembled these items, we can pack them and assemble and install the furniture for you at your new location. 

Furniture We Include in Our Home Furniture Assembly, Disassembly, and Installation Services

The examples of what we include in these services include the following: 

  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Desks
  • Book Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Couches
  • Futons
  • Chest Drawers 
  • Pool Tables
  • Fitness Equipment 
  • Pianos

Our Professional Movers Pack Furniture with Care

When our professional movers pack your disassembled furniture, they’ll be cautious with your valuable belongings. Our movers meticulously handle treasured, fragile items with special care and the essential padding for each piece to prevent damage. We also provide customized packing supplies for delicate items or pieces with unusual shapes. Since our team takes extra precautions, scratches, dents, or other damage won’t happen to your treasured belongings. You can depend on Up N Go Moving to perform the job safely. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Furniture Assembly Company 

Most people debate whether they want to hire a company or not for any professional service because they feel it’s more cost-effective for them to do it themselves. People also consider enlisting their friends and family to help them with a big move. However, hiring a professional furniture assembly company will save you a lot of stress. Plus, you won’t have to hope that your friends or extended family members are free during the week you decide to move. 

Hiring a furniture assembly company can benefit you in the following ways: 

  • You’ll save time and be able to focus on other aspects of the moving process.
  • A furniture assembly company understands instructions and will assemble or install your items correctly the first time. 
  • Furniture assembly companies have the proper tools and equipment to set up your belongings properly. 
  • There is a reduced risk of damage. Professional movers are experts who hold liability insurance. Furniture is hard to maneuver if you don’t know what you’re doing. Without the proper techniques, you might drop pieces or hit walls while navigating through narrow hallways, doorways, and stairways. 
  • Safety matters. The reality is that furniture is heavy. An accident could happen without adequate strength or proper lifting techniques, or you could hurt your back. Our professional movers know the safety procedures to follow.
  • A mess-free moving process. Our team will ensure we clean up the mess by picking up any garbage left or guaranteeing that spare parts return to your hands. Also, drills and screws tend to leave sawdust behind, or there could be debris from other furniture. You can feel relieved that our team will leave your new place in a better condition than when we arrived. 

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Let us know what you need in advance, and we can offer you flat rate pricing for some services. Moving bulkier furniture might cost an additional fee, but we will let you know upfront to ensure no hidden fees or surprises on move-in day. Each move has different requirements, and you can call Up N Go Moving today for your free quote