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Commercial Industrial Moving

Up N Go Moving is not only here to help residential moves run smoothly. We also apply our skills to commercial and industrial moving. If you need to relocate your industrial warehouse, we can help you move everything efficiently and safely. Whether you are moving one piece of machinery or an entire warehouse, we have the supplies you need to complete your move effectively. 

Safe Commercial Industrial Moving From the Professionals

We understand that moving commercial industrial equipment is a challenge. This is not a task that should be undertaken as a DIY endeavor. If you fail to use the appropriate equipment required to move heavy, bulky items, you can damage your equipment and injure yourself or others. 

This is why the professional movers at Up N Go Moving are here to help you complete your move. We have the specialized equipment to handle this move, such as cranes and appropriately sized trucks and trailers, to complete the move safely and on time.

The Moving Services Up N Go Moving Provides

Up N Go Moving provides our clients with extensive moving services. Our team members can: 

  • Disassemble and reassemble equipment at your new location
  • Disconnect and reconnect IT equipment 
  • Use specialized crating and packing 
  • Reduce the potential for any product loss or damage 

We also offer flexible moving services so you can move your industrial equipment at a time that works best for you and helps you avoid excessive downtime that can hurt your company’s productivity. 

Design a Custom Relocation Plan with Up N Go Moving 

Undertaking a move of this size requires organization and preparation. Before moving your industrial space, our movers put together a customized Relocation Plan that includes a checklist of items, confirmation of your new floor plan, packing tips, and expectations for your moving day. 

We can also visit for an on-site consultation with the key contact managing your move. We will make sure this person has all the relevant information needed to internally prepare your team for the relocation. 

Commercial Moving and Storage Services Available 

Whether you are moving industrial equipment or not, we can help with every commercial relocation plan. We can assist in the most challenging moving jobs, including: 

  • Office Furniture and Technology
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Restaurant Equipment 
  • Movie and Film Equipment and Sets
  • Special Events 
  • Realtor Staging 

For over 15 years, Up N Go Moving has helped those in New York City and the surrounding area easily move their commercial belongings to new locations. We can make this a stress-free and successful experience. When you work with us, you can expect a flat fee for your move – no surprise charges are added on move-in day. 

You can utilize our storage services if you need to store some items as you settle into your new location. We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term storage services that can help you further enjoy a hassle-free move. 

Every Packing Service You Need From Up N Go Moving 

We provide our customers with everything they need to make moving successful. In addition to all standard moving services, we offer additional packing services for extra convenience when needed. Call us today to learn more about our: 

  • White Glove Packing and Unpacking Service
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Bin Moving Rentals
  • Packing Supply Bundles
  • Wooden Crate Moving
  • Furniture Assembly

Call Up N Go Moving today to get started on your commercial industrial move in NYC with our experienced team!