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Residential Moving Service

Are you ready to move to a new apartment or house? Whether you are moving within New York City, upstate, or out of state, Up N Go Moving can help make your move as stress-free as possible. 

Smart Planning for Local New York City Residential Moves 

If you are moving to an apartment or house in New York City, we can help you manage this challenging undertaking. We are experienced in local NYC moves, so we are prepared for any challenge the city may hand us. We cover the following details, so you don’t have to: 

  • Traffic changes
  • Parking restrictions
  • Tolls
  • Weather
  • Difficult building entries
  • Tight walk-ups
  • Elevator booking restrictions
  • Co-Op Requirements 

We also handle the Certificate of Insurance (COI) Requirements, which New York City building management companies mandate. The COI proves that your moving company is insured, so the building is not liable for any damages during a move. This insurance also protects you from liability. COIs are often required before moving days and elevator bookings are approved, so we prepare them as soon as possible.

Small Residential Moving Services

If you are moving out of a studio, dorm room, or one room of an apartment, we can help you handle those small moves. For over 15 years, New Yorkers have trusted us to move their belongings when moving apartments or out of college housing. Sometimes you may want to move just one or two items! We can help with that too. Small move services are ideal for the following situations: 

  • Roommates moving out a mattress or sofa.
  • Renters clearing space for guests or putting items into storage. 
  • College undergrads transporting belongings to storage or back home
  • Large, heavy, and valuable items that need to be moved by professionals
  • Items that won’t easily fit in a car or building elevator and need professional handling 
  • Families who need to make space by moving items into storage 

Every Moving Service You Need at Honest Prices 

For more than 15 years, Up N Go Moving has helped our customers manage successful residential moves. We offer straightforward prices and provide the complete moving services you need for safety and efficiency. The following services are included with every move at no extra cost: 

  • Valuable Items Packed For Free: This includes televisions, computers, electronics, paintings, sculptures, lamps, mirrors, and wardrobe clothing. 
  • Protected and Wrapped Furniture: Mattresses, couches, chairs, tables, and armoires are wrapped in appropriate protective blankets. Items are disassembled and packed in crates when necessary for extra protection. 
  • Protection for Walls, Floors, and Doors: When moving you in and out of your locations, we protect your floors, walls, and doors from scratches, scuffs, and other unattractive damage. 
  • Flat Moving Fee: We provide a flat fee for your move-in day. You don’t have to worry about surprise expenses being factored in later. 

Complete Packing Services From Up N Go Moving 

We offer a range of services to our clients so they can have the stress-free—maybe even enjoyable—moving experience they desire. Some of our advanced services include the following: 

  • Full Packing Service: We take care of everything and pack up your entire home or select rooms. You decide what we pack – with no limitations. 
  • White Glove Moving Service: We pack and unpack your items at your new location. 
  • Plastic Bin Moving Rentals: Want to avoid that mountain of cardboard? You can use our reusable plastic bins to pack your belongings instead. The containers are crushproof, dustproof, waterproof, and eco-friendly. 
  • Packing Supply Bundles: Order new bundles of packing materials to suit the size of your move. 
  • Fine Art and Furniture Moving: Valuable furniture, antiques, and artwork are handled with extra care. We build custom crates and wrap them in durable, protective materials. 
  • Piano Moving: We have the training and skills to move all pianos safely. 

Contact Up N Go Moving today if you are ready to enjoy the best residential moving service in New York.