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Guide to Moving

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

On Moving Day, give yourself plenty of time. No matter how much time you think you need, you should always double it to account for the inevitable delays or hiccups that can occur. 

Pack Any Final Items

Today is the day, which means it’s finally time to pack up the last few items you’ve left sitting out for daily use. Toiletries, phone chargers, and other everyday items must be packed away today so that once your team of movers is done loading the truck, you can get to your next place as soon as possible. Be sure to keep your phone turned on and up, so you don’t miss the call from your movers letting you know about their arrival. If there are any notable street or traffic conditions, let us know at this time. 

Do a Final Clean

Once your home has been cleared of boxes, you might find some areas that need some spot cleaning. That’s okay—leave out some cleaning supplies and take care of any messes that pop up once your moving team has completed their job. Once you’re done, pack the cleaning supplies with whatever luggage you’ve packed for yourself so you can use it again once you arrive at your new residence.

Lock Up

Don’t forget to lock up when you leave! Make sure you know the agreement for getting your keys to the next person who needs them, and follow that to ensure everything goes smoothly. If necessary, take pictures as you go to confirm the condition of every room as you leave. This can be helpful for renters who need to show that the dwelling is in good condition.

Head Out

Once you lock up and pass on your keys, it’s time to head out to your next place. If you’re headed straight there, then we’ll see you there! However, if your move takes longer, we will be on our way to unload your belongings into storage until you’re ready to receive them. Make sure everyone agrees on a day and time for drop-off if it’s not a same-day moving service.

Direct Your Movers

Meet your movers at your new location. No one knows your new residence better than you, so stay on top of directing your movers to ensure that every box ends up where it’s supposed to go. This will make unpacking much easier when it’s finally time to open all those boxes and officially move into your new home.

Check Utilities

Always check that your utilities work when you arrive at your new home. This includes your hot water, electricity, and WiFi. Also, check that all access points are safe before you bring over pets or kids. 

Quick Clean at Your New Place

When you arrive, it’s a good idea to wipe down surfaces and clean out any areas needing extra attention while your moving team unloads the boxes from the truck. 

Create Your New Home 

Now it’s time to start unpacking! First, ensure you have signed off with your movers and that every service you requested has been provided. Then, unpack essential rooms like bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen. Fully unpacking may take a few days, but with Up N Go Moving, you are off to a great start.