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Plastic Bin Moving Rental

Enjoy Amazing Value and Headache-Free Moving With Our Plastic Bin Moving Service

Do you dread the idea of moving your entire house in cardboard boxes? It’s okay; we get it. Cardboard boxes can make a move more stressful than it needs to be—they can tear, the bottom might burst, and those annoying flaps never seem to want to stay open. Thankfully, we offer an affordable plastic bin moving service that will allow you to avoid the battle with cardboard boxes.

Plastic bins are significantly sturdier than cardboard boxes, come in set sizes for easier stacking, and are waterproof, so they won’t leak or be susceptible to damage if you move in the rain. They’re easy to lock, so there’s no tape required. Also, they’re good for the environment—we wash and sanitize them every time they are returned so that they can be continuously reused.

The Steps in Our Plastic Bin Moving Service

  1. Acquisition: Once you’ve confirmed that you want to use our plastic bin moving service, we will deliver the bins to your home.
  2. Pack ‘Em Up: Once you get your bins, you can get right to work on filling them up and getting everything packed nicely before your moving day.
  3. Head On Out: Make sure your boxes are packed and locked on moving day. We’ll come to pick them up and get you on the road to your new home.
  4. Clear ‘Em Out: Once we arrive at your new home, our team will unload them so you can start unpacking.
  5. Give ‘Em Back: Once you’ve finished unpacking, stack them up somewhere convenient to allow our team to pick them up quickly.

What are the Benefits?

  • More durable than cardboard boxes
  • Won’t leak or sustain water damage
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • No need for your own packing supplies
  • Easily locked
  • More secure than cardboard boxes
  • No assembly or tape needed
  • No empty boxes once the move is done

If you are ready for a new moving experience, contact Up N Go Moving today to use our plastic bin rentals.