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Storage Services

Save space in your home with short and long-term storage from Up N Go Moving. Safe, reliable, and easy storage solutions in New York City and New York State.

Convenient Full Storage Service 

Visualizing or understanding how you want to decorate or arrange your new home with many unnecessary items surrounding your space can be challenging. Sometimes, you need more time to consider what items you need and which you don’t as you start the moving process. You can make more space by hiring Up N Go Moving for our full storage service. 

Call us to pick up and drop off your items when needed. It’s that simple! We provide emergency, short-term, and long-term storage solutions based on your needs. Our convenient full storage service is safe, clean, and security-monitored so you can trust your items are secure. 

Reasons You Might Need Storage Solutions

You might need storage solutions for the following reasons: 

  • You want more room to store furniture and seasonal items for your home.
  • You want to move out some items to do a thorough spring cleaning.
  • You need to house your belongings in the interim of your existing or new lease or settlement dates.
  • Emergency storage services can help you prepare and feel more secure for a last-minute move as you manage your living arrangements.
  • Storage solutions help with interstate or long-haul moving. For example, moving from Brooklyn to Albany takes over three hours, and you might not want to transport all your items in one day. 
  • Storage solutions can help if you’re traveling for a prolonged time.

The Storage Lengths We Offer

We offer emergency, short-term, and long-term storage services broken down by the following periods: 

  • Emergency storage: Anywhere from a few days to two weeks
  • Short-term storage: A minimum of one month 
  • Long-term storage: Anywhere between six months to a few years 

The Benefits of Using Up N Go Moving Storage Services 

We take your valuable belongings directly to our storage facility after packing our truck. Then, we track your inventory, ensure all items are there and check them for damages as we unload them into our storage container. If our team is moving you, then you have the favorable option of securely storing your selected items with us as well. 

You won’t have to hire one company for your moving services and another that offers storage services, making life hassle-free. Choose Up N Go Moving’s Storage Service to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Competitive prices for short and long-term storage solutions that we determine by the cubic foot of the items you want to put into storage
  • No heavy lifting because our professional movers will take care of that for you
  • You won’t have to coordinate the process of us picking up, storing, and redelivering your items.
  • We sell the boxes and moving bins you might need
  • On-demand deliveries of your furniture, just let us know when you need it.
  • Reliable security with video monitoring and personnel ensuring your items are untouched
  • Effortless check-in and arrival processes managed by Up N Go Moving 
  • A clean security facility 
  • Storage facility owned and operated by Up N Go Moving 
  • Fully-insured storage services 

We could talk endlessly about the benefits of our storage solutions. However, you’ll never know how reliable our company is until you make your move by getting a free storage quote today.